Java Backend Developer - sounds like a plan.

This article was inspired by one 2nd year student who was wondering about his plans and future as Java Developer. You can tell that this is common question or it is sill one as you can google lot of answers from internet. Yes you can do that and it is even easier that before but still there is so many website showing solutions that sometimes it is hard to go through and pick the right one. But where to start, how to combine all those information? Let me prepare paper about steps you can take — based on those pages — to start with good configured environment that will give you ground to develop your skills and see bigger picture.

I assume you are student or someone who is changing profession to Java Developer and you know something about programming in Java. Let me prepare first list I will follow to prepare environment.

  1. Install Ubuntu  – virtualbox example
    • please find on google istructions how to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox, it’s easy.
  2. Install IDE – Intellij Community
    • sudo snap install intellij-idea-community --classic 
  3. Setup JDK  – licenses 
  4. Install Docker CE / Docker-composer

Yes, that all for now. We create next list to follow after we finish this one.

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